Release notes for 2013-08-13

CMS v3.0.1

This was a patch release to address various bugs and add small improvements.


  • Identified and fixed a problem on how "redirects" that you can set up within the CMS are handled when the CMS is used for multiple sites from one install (so called "multi-site" install).
  • Fixed a problem relating to deleting items via the CMS that could mean items were not actually deleted when the content was subject to a work flow.
  • Fixed a problem where content that had previously been locked could subsequently not be deleted even if the current version was unlocked.
  • Fixed that the CMS "site overview" page didn't show the home page if it was not set to appear in site navigation.
  • Fixed a potential bug with how group based admin permissions are applied to content within the CMS interface.
  • Various other minor fixes and tweaks.


  • Improved how the button that toggles you between the "front-end" and "back-end" of the CMS determines where to take you when clicked. It should now take you the natural and appropriate place in more situations.
  • Improved how the CMS menu toolbar displays on different screen widths to better accommodate small screen sizes (e.g. mobile, tablet).


  • Added support for storing a Google Analytics Profile ID with the CMS in preparation for integration with the Google Analytics Reporting API. This will enable us to display information from your Google Analytics account directly within the CMS (if appropriately authorised).
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