Release notes for 2013-10-08

CMS v3.0.2

This was a patch release to address various bugs and add small improvements.


  • Fixed small problem with support for "tagging" content when using Microsoft SQL Server as the underlying database.
  • Fixed problem that could lead to content from a parent page displaying on child pages in some situations.
  • Removed 'simple' and 'complex' workflows from default install of the CMS as generally not used and therefore confusing when mentioned in certain menus etc.
  • Fixed potential problem with content not showing if using a content type that is subject to work flow on a multi-site install of the CMS.


  • Improved how the CMS displays in older versions of Internet Explorer (v7, v8, and v9).
  • Improved how the CMS menu appears at different screen sizes to make it easier to use on smaller screens.
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