All about Projects

Why do we call this work a project?

A Project is a large piece of work that has clearly defined objectives and outcomes that will be achieved over a finite period of time. This means the project will have a start and end point.

A project by definition is outside of the normal ‘business as usual’ processes that occur within an organisation.

An example of projects that NetXtra understake for clients are to replace a organisations current website with a new one that is underpinned by a content management system and integrated to the organisations other systems. Lots of case studies outlining the type of projects we have undertaken can be found in our portfolio section of the website.

What is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project managers at NetXtra have the responsibility for the planning, execution, and delivery of your projects. YOur peoject manager will be driven to deliver your project within agreed parameters of time, scope and cost all to high levels of quality.

So how does this fit in with NetXtra and its processes?

Projects are undertaken for clients by the production team and are work that is not related to day to day 'business as usual' operation of the products and services that the company supplies, which is managed by the client services team.

What you can expect from project managers?

  •     Regular scheduled updates on your project.
  •     A friendly and efficient service.
  •     Prompt feedback returned to you quickly
  •     Changes that have implications to project cost and timescale will be discussed in a fair and open way.
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