Getting the best design for your website

Once you've signed off your specification, we will enter the exciting design stage of the project.  This can be one of the most engaging aspects of your project and is when the solution really starts to come alive on screen. 

This is a process that requires us to work very closely with you as the client to get the best possible results for your website. We've compliled these handy guidelines which you should consider when looking at your concepts

  • Provide the most accurate feedback you can, for example incorrect colours, or wrong use of logo.
  • Look at the images used, are they appropriate for your organisation and the image that you are trying to portray
  • The mock-ups are a graphical representation of the website and not the website itself so wont be functional or work as a website
  • Designs concepts contain generic standard latin text (eg. starting “Lorem Ipsum”) to indicate layout and not the words themselves that will be added via the content management system.
  • The concepts have been created by professional designers who have years of experience and are specially trained in web design.
  • Try to avoid a “committee” approach, making small “tweaks” based on personal preferences are unlikely to improve the design.
  • Once signed off and the build stage starts, design changes are more expensive.

For clarification purposes the following are agreed and understood by you:

  • You will review the design concepts provided and give us feedback.
  • Design concept mock-ups are a guide to final presentation and there may be small differences when implemented as web pages.
  • NetXtra will revise the design (this is an iterative process, with up to 2 iterations, unless otherwise agreed beforehand).
  • Further design iterations beyond that agreed in the proposal and/or specification will be chargeable.
  • A single point of sign off is expected. If a design is developed with a certain customer contact and subsequently this is significantly changed during a higher level sign off process, a new design iteration may be required, which will incur additional costs.
  • NetXtra will produce design mock-ups for up to 3 further secondary navigation pages, for example News, About and Contact us.
  • The design will work in all popular and common browsers, screen resolutions and colour depths, optimised for current best practice at the start of the project. .


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