Service disruption - Website availability - 15/01/13

Please be aware that we are experiencing disruption to a number of websites hosted on a specific web server, our technical team have been investigating the issue for the last 10 minutes and are hoping to find the cause and prevent any further problems.

If you become aware of any performance issues with accessing your organisation's website then please be assured we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact to you and your visitors.

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    The issue has been identified as an unscheduled and unplanned install of Internet Explorer 8 onto one of our web servers, this has happened via an automated process and is currently being investigated as to how it became available outside of our standard server management procedures.

    In order to ensure there are no unwanted byproducts of this software install we will be rebooting the affected server this evening in order that we can return to a stable service.

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    As a result of the Internet Explorer install the affected server was requesting a reboot and there was a risk that websites on the service would be affected. In order to remove the risk of the server rebooting at an unplanned point in time it was forcefully rebooted at 19:00 yesterday 15/01/13.

    The customers who we contacted may have noticed up to 5 minutes of website downtime for which we apologise, we are continuing to investigate how the software became available for the server to install and will take all necessary steps to prevent such an occurrence happening again.