Service disruption - Website availability - 02/10/12

In the last 10 minutes we have become aware of some disruption at one of our datacentres which is affecting a number of the websites we provide and impacting the performance for all visitors. We have spoken to the onsite engineers and they have begun initial investigations. As soon as we have further information we will provide updates here.

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    At around 18:00 this evening, we lost connectivity to the firewall at the affected datacentre, the result of this has been that the sites that were previously experiencing intermittent disruption have now become unavailable. The complete loss of connectivity has hampered all further remote troubleshooting and a member of the Infrastructure team is en route to identify the cause of the problem and attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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    James Long

    The website is back up and I am able to get into our CMS again, although the site is still pretty slow to load.

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    Hi James,

    We're still waiting on a complete report from the engineers but everything should have settled down by now, service was resumed at 20:55.

    The cause was due to a compact flash disc failing in the firewall which runs the operating system and logging, this resulted in the device subsequently having to be swapped out and a replacement device reconfigured. Everything should now be running at an optimum level, we will of course be keeping an eye on things through the night but normal service should now be resumed.

    It goes without saying to you and all our customers that we're very sorry for the disruption and we did everything we could to get it running as soon as possible. If you have any questions please do get in touch.